SAP On Azure

Companies continue to face growing challenges with managing SAP on-premises.
Cadmils offers a seamless migration path for organization to move SAP workloads to Azure.
Cadmils deep industry expertise in handling complex and large SAP migrations enable the enterprises to take the most efficient and cost-optimized migration route.

Cadmils SAP Services

  • Proven track record of Migrations, Upgrades and Implementations
  • Average of 10+ years of SAP experience in the team
  • Consistent Service Management for Infrastructure and SAP Hosting (Cadmils Hyperscale Platform)
  • Cadmils is accountable for Infrastructure and SAP Hosting


  • Dive Innovation and Digital Transformation through built in cloud services such as AI, ML and IOT
  • REAL Time Data Access that generates a 360 view and provide tools that helps turn data into insights faster
  • Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership – Companies using the Azure Cloud have seen a 70% reduction in data center cost
  • Improve Agility - Microsoft Azure offers a flexible scalable solution that fits your business needs as required without a hardware lock in
  • Comprehensive - Micorsoft Azure has built-in compliance and cloud security offering for SAP workloads and the underlying infrastructure and data

SAP Migration Approach


  • Business Vision & Strategy Review
  • TCO & ROI Analysis
  • Complete initial analysis
  • Complete executive level interviews & observations
  • Document findings and Gap Analysis


  • Define requirements & End state
  • Define Migration methodology
  • Define the Migration tool
  • Build Migration Plan
  • Deploy POC Migration
  • Provision Target platform
  • Prep migration readiness
  • Perform Data Cleansing
  • Initiate Systems Migration
  • System & Functional Validation

Run & Operate

  • Support Transition
  • Execute Cut-over plan
  • Security Governance Review
  • Service Management
  • System Monitoring


  • Post Migration Evaluation
  • Performance & Capacity review
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation

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